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    Welcome to Sarah's Card Company!

    Come explore the bright colours and beautiful details that Mother Nature has to offer. Live colourfully and spread the love - my personal motto. 

    I make each of the greeting cards you see onsite. Every photo is my own, taken in my everyday life or on my travels. You will see a strong focus on bold colours and close-up shots of the finer details in nature. There are also a number of shots from Ottawa and Waterloo where I have had the pleasuring of living, as well as Savannah and Florida - two destinations I frequent often that are dear to my heart. 

    Pick your favourite photos from each collection and build a greeting card bundle of your choosing. Quantity discounts apply the more you add to your basket.

    Colourful greeting cards made by Sarah's Card Co.

    4'' x 6'' photos are glued onto high quality card stock with my signature and stamping done by hand. Envelopes also included. The interior of the card is left blank to maximize your card's versatility. Prints also available for select photographs.

    Made in Canada.

    Enjoy & thanks for supporting local artisans!

    - Sarah  

    Sarah laughing in front of a flower box in colourful pants